GoT put out a trailer, there's one problem

Ok, so this seems to be a metaphorical trailer for the final season. Which is all well and good. The Stark Children (and Snow) in the crypt of Winterfell, replaying old comments from Ned and Catelyn providing them a purpose, protect your home, protect Winterfell and the north before walking up to their own likenesses in the crypt and the frost closing in on them. 

All of that is pretty straight forward, seems like a simple metaphor for the final season...except...where Brandon? 

I mean granted, he's the Three Eyed Raven, so he has forsaken some of his responsibility as a Stark child BUT he is still a Stark child! Here are his sisters and (Spoiler) cousin fighting for his childhood home and their lives and he's not there? Does this mean they'll have to fight off the Night King without his help? or does it mean that he's actually the key and like the Knights of the Vale will come swooping in at the last second? 

SO MUCH. I don't know if i can wait three months. 



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