What did you think of the new Gillette ad?

I'm here for the conversation about toxic masculinity, lets make that clear from the get. It's something that is long overdue and I'm glad its normal and accepted in today's culture. 

There are numerous examples everyday of of men overstepping the bounds of civility for their own pleasure or to assert their 'manhood' and it needs to stop. That said, just like empowering women to be strong and express themselves we also need to empower boys to be strong and express themselves IN APPROPRIATE WAYS. I think that's what's missing in the discussion in our culture today and I think this ad does a good job to point it out. Not just telling youth what not to do, but encouraging whats right to do. However it's worth saying that there is nothing wrong with being a man or masculine. Once (or if) we agree on both these premises I think we can have a real conversation about toxic masculinity. 

I think part of the push back that you see below on the ad is: What is appropriate? See they just show you two boys fighting and says essentially we can't just let boys be boys, but why were they fighting? Catcalling women and making inappropriate comments, absolutely not ok. However a man sees an attractive woman, or a woman sees an attractive man, is it no longer ok to go and talk to them IN AN APPROPRIATE WAY? I mean we still have to talk to one another to be friends or ask each other out on dates and such. Humans have a innate need for social interaction and if we aren't gonna be alone forever we need to make clear thats an ok action or feeling to have, don't we? This all a conversation we need to have. So lets have it. Where is the line on 'Toxic'?

Now Gillette is getting some pushback for being the ones who are trying to reignite the conversation, which, they aren't my favorite brand in part because I think they price gouge and in part because they sponsor the Patriots stadium (relax, I'm joking). That said I think anyone mad about something like that is just someone afraid to engage in the conversation in my opinion. Don't be afraid of progress. Don't be afraid of change. 

Let's have a chat.  



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