Bebe Rexha Blasts Designers Who Say She's Too Big


Bebe Rexha called out designers who refuse to dress her for the Grammys because she's too big. Bebe is a size 6/8 that is absurd that a designer would not make her a custom dress because she is too big. Bebe shared this NSFW video on social. Since then People Magazine says Bebe has gotten several offers from other designers.  "Every woman of every size is beautiful! Just let me know when I should start sketching," designer August Getty responded to Bebe Rexha's viral post, while Puerto Rican designer Stella Nolasco added, “I would love to dress you!” Meanwhile, many followers tagged Project Runway winner Christian Siriano, who's known for dressing celebs of all sizes. “@Csiriano dress this woman asap!” one fan wrote.

I'm so glad Bebe put these designers on blast. Today's beauty standards are getting out of control and so unrealistic. 


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