My Decision To Get Plastic Surgery

I've debated for a really long time if I should share this with everyone or not. In a way I want to keep this private and do it in secret but on the other hand I feel like I should share my story and maybe it will do someone out there some good. I'm scared to open up like this, it's not easy for me because let's face it everyone online loves to judge and be mean. Also, it's not easy to talk about insecurities in public. 

To some this might be no big deal but I'm really putting myself out there and it's scary.

I explain myself in the video below but here's a quick summary.

For years I've dealt with having a large chest and it's been a blazing insecurity for me since I was a teenager. The cat calls from men walking down as I walk down the street, the rude remarks, the stares from both men and women, the insensitive jokes, the unwelcome grabbing and groping have weighed on me. 

I'm not saying that plastic surgery is the answer for everyone or everything. Every person and situation is different and you should be able to do what you want to make you happy.

I will document my journey with videos and blog posts if you'd like to join me as I make one of the most important decisions of my life thus far. 

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