Nina's Partygras Weekend

This past weekend was INSANE!

We kicked off our Friday with BOB SAGET! Yes, THE Bob Saget was in the studio sharing with us his latest projects as he was getting ready to perform all weekend at Comedy Works.

Friday night was gonna be a wild one for our first ever Party Gras a Temple night club. So I got a hotel room across the street at The Art, a hotel.

Based on the photos, as you can see, things got crazy and we had sooooo much fun and at one point I was on stage minding my business, dancing, hands in the air and I felt something in my hands... Someone THREW THEIR BRA ON STAGE AND IT LANDED IN MY HANDS!!!

I wish I was making this up, but I promise you that's how it happened. I looked in my hand and IT WAS A BRA!!! So naturally I used it as a dancing accessory because... Mardi Gras!!!

If you wanna see all the WILD photos from Friday Nights Party-Gras at Temple, CLICK HERE!!

Saturday was low key for me as we awaited the snow to come into Denver.

Sunday, The Boy and I spent our 303 Day sledding at the park with our dog Chester.

A busy busy weekend but oh so much fun!

Keep on the lookout for more 95.7 The Party events at Temple Nightclub this summer in Denver!



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