ICYMI: Video of suspect barrating officer and officer using excessive force

The video posted by The Denver Post shows body cam footage from the officer. The suspect is clearly berating the officer, not only trying to incite him with words but spitting at him as well. However the suspect is handcuffed and doesn't show any signs of being a threat to the officer. Anyone getting berated like this would have trouble shrugging it off but that doesn't excuse the officers behavior. According to an article by Denver7, which contains surveillance footage not included in the video below, Cpl. Oestmann "will not serve any jail time. Instead, he'll receive a deferred sentence and will take anger management classes, according to the DA's office."

Oestmann himself admits in the video that "it got a little violent" even still in the heat of the moment. That said this to me this is inexcusable. There is a fine line to me when police officers feel like they are in danger or a suspect is jeopardizing the safety of the public or their fellow officers but that's not the case here. This suspect is clearly restrained and not a threat to the officer or anyone else. This is not every officer and I understand that but these are the videos that shake the public's trust of officers. The guy who is handcuffed is an awful human being, and no doubt earned his way into those cuffs but the people we empower to protect us have to be able to exhibit restraint even in situations most of us would lose our cool in my opinion.



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