The Denver Community Reacts to the Manhunt & Threats to Schools

A manhunt for the woman who made credible threats to Denver area schools happened in our community the week of the 20th anniversary of the Columbine shootings. As a community we must come together and show support for one another.

We opened up our phone lines and text line to see how everyone is feeling as schools were closed the morning of April 17, 2019 while a manhunt was in effect.

Here is a guide to help parents talk to their children about violence. CLICK HERE

From Parents:

Hi guys my son is 9 and I''m really struggling with what to tell him as to why school is canceled today. He was part of the lockout yesterday in JeffersonCounty but they didn''t explain to the students what was happening. I don''t want him to be scared to go to school and I have no idea what to say to him

My kids daycare even chose to close today. I support that, and it's a relief to me that no matter what our kids safety is first b

Denver Public Schools made the right decision. A big thank you for our school leaders!!

My son is 7 and I told him the truth. Better to hear the facts from me than from friends who don't know better.

I'm super nervous, I'm a single parent I live a mile from Columbine. My son & his girlfriend live across the street from Columbine. Both my children work at supermarkets in Littleton. I don't even want them to go in today. I'm late to work & have been driving around town just looking. I hope they find her soon.

From Students:

This is the second time my school has been shut down this year due to a shooting threat

I''m a student my school has gotten threats before my school was crowded by police it''s horrible that this is our reality we stand together

My concern is that all public schools in Denver closed. But college campuses are still open and I have to go to class myself today.

University of Denver campus is open but in lockout all day. All buildings locked and only accessible via ID card.

I''m a student from the Cherry Creek School District. Yesterday the lock down after CMAS testing freaked out so many students and we had to wait for the busses to finally arrive at the school so that we could leave. The teachers wouldn''t tell us what was going on but when I finally got home my mom told meeverything that was going on. Honestly, it''s a shame that people think that these threats are okay.

I'm 12 year old and I've seen the news all the time and there have been shootings every we're and it's sad that children. And college people get killed

I go to crown pointe academy in west minister Colorado and I love school because we get educations and we can't miss much schools so it's frustrating

Student from Adams 12 school district. Sad that these events are occurring on a regular basis and that one person can put thousands at risk. Hoping the suspect will get caught very soon.

This is honestly terrifying. My entire school district is on lock down, though I''m nowhere near Jefferson County. We were going to have our state testing through Thursday but now I''m not even sure if I feel comfortable going to school at all. It''s truly so unfortunate that we teenagers and children haveto worry about these things happening on a daily, or be haunted by the fact that the Columbine shooting could be us. I hope she''ll turn herself in or befound soon so the stress can die down.

From Teachers:

As a teacher who knows students come to school to feel safe and supported this is heartbreaking. I''m proud of CO for taking the threat seriously but something has to change. Thank you for reaching out to the community and sharing support with us



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