#Hollywood: How many times do we have to go over this...LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE

Britney Spears’ father wants to extend his conservatorship to three other states, Louisiana, Florida and Hawaii. The current conservatorship only covers California. Nina explains WHY he's pulling this move in "Nina's #Hollywood".

Cardi B revealed she got liposuction and a breast augmentation after giving birth to daughter Kulture. But then she got right back to work despite her doctors telling her to take a break. So now she is having to postpone a few shows because she NEEDS a break. But it's working out in her favor. Hear why on "Nina's #Hollywood".

Tom Hanks got emotional talking about Toy Story 4 on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. He got a few texts from co-star Tim Allen who plays Buzz Light Year.. Take a listen in "Nina's #Hollywood".



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