Want Some Free Chipotle?!

My favorite snack place EVER, Chipotle, is giving fans the chance to win free burritos during the NBA Finals--and all you have to do is listen for the word "free" during games.Here's the deal.. whenever an Announcer during the games TV broadcast says the word "free," (like Free-Throw) Chipotle will tweet a code from @chipotletweets that can be redeemed for a burrito or entree. During the first half of games, the code is good for 500 free burritos, while second half mentions are worth 1,000 free burritos. Codes will only be given out for the first 20 times they say FREE, but 20 mentions of the word FREE, but Chipotle has vowed to give away up to $1 million in free burritos overall. As an added bonus, the chain is also offering free shipping on orders over $10 from its app and website and via DoorDash. The finals start on Thursday.. Go Nuggets!


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