Mom Orders Shirt for 3 Year Old, Shocked it Says "F*** the Police"

How shocked would you be if you got this shirt in the mail? After my shock I would laugh and not let my 3-year-old see it!

A mom in Illinois ordered a shirt online for her 3-year old daughter featuring Frog and Toad, the classic chidren's book characters riding a bike.

When the shirt arrived from AliExpress it had an image of Frog and Toad riding a bike but underneath it said, "f*** the police".

Kelsey Dawn Williamson said, "I literally did not know how to react so I just took a few moments to stare at it and try to process," Williamson recalls. "Of all the things they could have added, why that? On a children’s-size shirt?" Williamson immediately FaceTimed her husband about the shirt, and they “just lost it” with laughter.

kelsey dawn williamson photo from facebook


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