Get a "Magic Mushroom Melt" Sandwich for One Day Only at Denver Quiznos

Will you be ordering this sandwich from Quiznos on Saturday?

For one day only Quiznos is offering the "Magic Mushroom Melt" in celebration of Denver decriminalizing mushrooms. You'll only be able to order it at the Cap Hill location on 13th and Grant. The sandwich will have a triple serving of mushrooms, tie-dyed Swiss cheese, bacon, neon purple and green ranch dressing and tomatoes on tie-dyed white bread. It'll cost $9, which includes a free drink and chips. 

If you're one of the first 50 to order the Magic Mushroom Melt you'll also get a Quiznos gift card and a t-shirt. The sandwich is available while supplies last from 10am to 9pm.


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