Here's Why Kylie Jenner Doesn't Want To Marry Travis Scott

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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are reportedly on very different pages when it comes to their relationship. Though they frequently refer to themselves as "hubby" and "wifey," Travis and Kylie aren't married and currently have no concrete plans to tie the knot. According to an inside source, they may not see eye to eye on when they should take the next step.

“Marriage isn’t important to Kylie but it’s increasingly important to Travis,” a source spilled Us Weekly. “Travis is definitely into it. Kylie hasn’t expressed huge interest in getting married but they’ve talked about it a lot.” This lines up with an interview with Rolling Stone the 28-year-old rapper participated in few months back, telling the outlet "we'll get married soon" and he just had to "sturdy up...I gotta propose in a fire way."


Kylie's family is reportedly encouraging the makeup mogul to marry her longtime partner. “Kim [Kardshian] and some friends are advocating for them to get married because they like the structure of it,” the insider explained. “[They] think it … could be helpful for Kylie.”

Despite Kylie's hesitation to make things official (she's only 21-years-old, after all), she's still planning a future with Travis. “Kylie definitely wants more children,” another source shared with Us Weekly. “Friends wouldn’t be surprised if she got pregnant again soon. She loves being a mother and at this point feels comfortable with being a parent.”

If there's anything more permanent than marriage, it's definitely starting a family together. “[Kylie would] love to bring more kids into the world and into her and Travis’ life,” the source continued, adding Kylie can't wait “give Stormi a sibling.” It seems like everything is really just fine with these two.

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