This Road Just Outside of Denver is Haunted!

All these years I've lived in Denver and I have never heard of this! Riverdale Road, a winding 11-mile road that connects Brighton and Thornton is haunted according to some.

According to 9 News the road is also home to so-called “Jogger’s Hill,” where the ghost of a murdered jogger is rumored to follow cars and tap on their sides. Other urban legends involve a phantom Camaro and the vision of bodies hanging from the trees during the full moon. 

Included in the 9 News story they said their news car decided not to start right away while they were parked alongside Riverdale Road to get video for this spooky story in honor of Friday the 13th.

Below is the video from 9 News but I also included a video from a vlogger who investigated "the Gates of Hell" on Riverdale Road.

I can't even lie I'm a little spooked!!!!



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