Jersey Shore's Ronnie Arrested & Tased After Chasing Jen Harley with Knife


This is so disgusting, why do these two continue this toxic and disturbing behavior? They need serious help and they need to put their daughter first.

Allegedly, this morning around 2:30am, Ronnie hit Jen Harley and then while holding their baby, Ariana chased Jen with a knife. Jen ran outside of the Airbnb they are renting and Ronnie locked himself and their daughter inside. Neighbors heard Jen screaming for help and called police. One report says Jen told police Ronnie was high on cocaine. Police had to knock down the door and taser Ronnie. He was taken to the hospital to get checked out and then taken into custody where he was booked for kidnapping. Ronnie made bail and is out of custody now. More charges could be coming after police investigate some more. Jen did have marks on her face according to TMZ.

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