Woman Has Funeral Themed Photo Shoot After Paying Off $102K in Student Debt


I love this! Mandy Velez, 27, paid off $102K in student loan debt and had a funeral theme photo shoot for the loans she "killed". It took Mandy 6 years to pay off the debt. Mandy, a senior social media editor at The Daily Beast, explained in her Facebook post that she graduated from college in 2013 with $75,000 in loans, not including interest.

Last Fall Mandy decided to she wanted to be debt free by the time she turned 30 years old and went to work to pay off the loans. In just 8 months she paid of $32-thousand dollars!!

Mandy lived off of less than a third of her monthly salary, she packed her lunches and walked instead of taking an Uber of Lyft. She also walked dogs, babysat, cat sitted and even worked as a TV extra on shows they filmed overnight to earn cash on the side. In fact she's even on an episode of SVU.


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