Viral: Woman Kisses Random Men in Front of Romantic Landmarks for IG


Well, this is a clever idea!! I mean if you want that perfect social media post sometimes you have to go the extra mile. I wouldn't be brave enough to do this, would you? Plus, I'm also freaked out by the thought of cold sores.

Kristiana Kuqi, a recent college graduate who lives in Virginia is going viral after she tweeted a thread of pics that show her kissing random men at famous landmarks.

"I hope this guy I met at the Eiffel Tower and asked for a pic of us kissing so I could pretend I had a romantic time in Paris is doing good," Kristiana Kuqi wrote Friday alongside her swoony Parisian pic.

She then posted a pic that shows her smooching another random guy in front of the Colosseum. "I hope this one from Rome is good too," she captioned that post.


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