Your Ideal Bachelorette Party Based on Your Zodiac

Here's what your ideal bachelorette party should be based on your zodiac sign. I'm a Gemini and I wouldn't mind this bachelorette party idea at all!! Do you agree with yours?

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  • Aries: Enjoy A Thermal Experience At A Costa Rican Resort
  • Taurus: Bicycle Through Acres Of Gardens In Georgia
  • Gemini: Party Hard At Coachella
  • Cancer: Embark On A Private Cruise Tour Of Santorini, Greece
  • Leo: Rent A Cabana At Fontainebleau Miami Beach
  • Virgo: Eat Breakfast With The Giraffes In Nairobi, Kenya
  • Libra: Canonball Into The Pools At Adult Camp
  • Scorpio: Ride Jet Skis Outside Your Rented Boathouse
  • Sagittarius: Take A Private Foodie Tour In Istanbul
  • Capricorn: Focus The Mind And Body On A Yoga Retreat
  • Aquarius: Head To The Life Is Beautiful Festival In Las Vegas
  • Pisces: Have An Adult Tea Party


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