Having Trouble Using Face ID Because of your Face Mask? Me too

In the age of Coronavirus we now have to use face coverings or masks when going out to a public place.

No big deal, but when you pull out your iPhone and put it in front of your face to unlock it, it doesn't recognize you with the face mask on.

Whether it's just a minor inconvenience or annoying daily occurrence, Apple heard us and released an update to help.

On Wednesday, Apple released iOS 13.5. A software update that makes it easier to unlock Face ID-enabled iPhones while wearing a mask.

Before the update, the phone would attempt to scan your face then when it couldn't, it would give you the passcode option. After the update, it will give you the passcode field when you swipe from the bottom of the lock screen, allowing you to unlock your phone faster.

The update also included a COVID-19 Exposure Notification among some other updates.

CLICK HERE to read more about the update

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