Video: Barack Obama Surprises Michelle With Roses

This is so sweet!! I miss these two in the White House. 

Michelle Obama has been making stops on her book tour and while she was  in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, surprising her onstage with a bouquet of roses and he also told the audience his version of the story of how they met.

 "The thing that I remember during that summer as we became friends, before she finally relented to a date, was she was one of a kind," the former president said. "I hadn't met somebody who was that strong and that honest—somebody who I just felt was a rock, [she] was somebody who I knew at that point I would always be able to count on, and someone who, that if she was the mother of my children, I knew my children would turn out extraordinary." 

Barack also joked that Michelle seemed "a little uptight" when they first met, and compared his unplanned cameo at the event to "when JAY-Z comes out at a Beyoncé concert."

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