Turns Out You Can Cook a Turkey in the Microwave!

By now you’ve probably seen the viral turkey challenge where kids are texting their parents asking how to cook a 25 pound turkey in the microwave. Parents are generally shaking their heads and telling their kids don’t!! But Butterball has responded and says that you can in fact cook a turkey in the microwave and they have provided directions.

Thaw the turkey first.

 Place the turkey breast side down on a microwave-safe dish or plate.

Microwave it for four minutes per pound on full power (for example, 36 minutes for a nine-pound turkey) to get the cooking process started. After the initial cook time, the rest of the cooking needs to be on a lower power setting.

Remove the drippings and baste the partially-cooked turkey so it begins to get that golden-brown skin.

Flip the turkey over and cook it at 50 percent power for eight minutes per pound (72 minutes total). Stop cooking every 18 minutes to check the turkey's temperature with a meat thermometer and baste it with the natural juices or a browning sauce.

When the turkey reaches a temperature of 180 to 185 degrees in the thigh and 170 to 175 degrees in the breast, it is ready. 

Baste the turkey once more before serving.

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