5 Relevant AF Costumes you can Rock this Halloween

If you're panicking about what you are gonna do for a costume, we got you fam!
Nina Blanco thought of 5 relevant af costumes you can easily rock this Halloween.
These are SO good that if you don't win a costume contest using one of these, YOU'VE BEEN PLAYED!
Let's get to it...

1. Kanye & Lil' Pump performing "I Love It" on SNL


It was a bizarre moment we may never understand but nonetheless it was ICONIC.
Plus the possibilities are endless. Who says you have to stick to a Perrier & FIJI bottle??
Get rowdy with a Coke & Pepsi combo. Take a note from "The Water Boy" and tackle a giant Gatorade bottle in your water bottle costume. GET CREATIVE!!

2. Zombie Geoffery The Giraffe 


I'm gonna try not to cry but remember when our CHILDHOOD WAS RUINED??!
Sadly with the rise of online retailers at cheaper prices, Toys 'R' Us couldn't compete and closed down all their stores forever.
Toy's 'R' Us tried to tell us their beloved mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe went on "vacation" but we all know what that means... Just like my 3rd grade hamster, he's DEAD. So the obvious choice for a costume would be to bring him from the dead even for just one night.

3. Starman Riding his Tesla Roadster in Space


2018 was a weird year. Such a weird year that sending a mannequin named Starman into space rollin' in a $200,000 Tesla Roadster now seems like a normal Tuesday!
So reuse that Astronaut costume you bought a few years ago, throw a "T" on a steering wheel, and drink till you feel like you're in Space this Halloween! 

4. Skyscraper Raccoon


If cute, fuzzy and DAREDEVIL is more your speed give this one a go!
The Skyscraper Raccoon AKA MPR Raccoon made us go "AWWWW" and got our heart rates up at the same time this past June when she climbed a 25-story building in St. Paul Minnesota. It took her almost a full day with naps, decision making and lots of climbing to get to the roof before animal control could get her back to the ground safely. The world was watching and Twitter was in a frenzy but she made it safe and sound.

5. Moth & Lamp


The greatest couples costume to grace a Halloween party near you. It's the latest meme to take over the internet and if you don't know what it is, do everyone a favor and just stick to one of the 4 other costumes above. You can't explain the genius that is Moth & Lamp.

Nina Blanco

Nina Blanco

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