Hi I’m Nina. I like long walks on the beach, hiking with my 2 dogs Chester & Bonzo, and getting entirely too intoxicated and putting it all on my insta story for public embarrassment. I made the move to the mile high in 2017 and I am here to stay (sorry Colorado Natives). Radio has and always will be my first love. Being on The Party Morning Show is a dream come true and I have so much fun with it, don’t even consider it a job (don’t tell my boss).

Other interests include painting, spending way too much money online shopping and hanging out with #TheBoy (that’s my boyfriend). I also spend way too much time on social media so feel free to follow, send me memes and distract me from being an actual adult. @TheNinaBlanco


Deuce began “doing radio” at seven years old in his bedroom in the Park Hill Neighborhood of Northeast Denver on a tape recorder. His lack of friends was & continues to be staggering, but it fostered an environment where he thrives sitting in a room talking to himself. Lacking development of any other real-world skills, Deuce continued pursuing radio at the University of Denver & eventually dumb-lucked his way onto the Denver airwaves! Currently, he’s having the time of his life working with Nina Blanco, (& Dubz, to a lower degree of enthusiasm), & continues to fulfill his mission of making the listeners of Denver laugh, & more importantly, keeping himself from needing to pursue a “real job” as his family characterizes it. When not on the radio, you can find Deuce making mildly amusing Instagram videos with his pets, awkwardly reciting 90’s hip-hop lyrics, & violating whichever diet he’s half-heartedly pursuing with his wife.


I'm a sports EDM nerd for life. Yes you can be all those things rolled into one lol! I'm all about my sports teams and I'll talk to you about anything in the sports world. I also get my geek on without hesitation. I love it all and particularly the passion people have for the things they are nerdy about, I even built my own computer. I also love EDM and scene that comes with it. Living downtown I love to go to secret pop up shows, and of course spend my summers at Red Rocks; but its not just the music it's the lifestyle also. Be who you are, Be proud of what you love, Be a good person. #PositiveVibesOnly #BeAGoodPerson #CareAboutEachother






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